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Ancestral: Esoteric African Knowledge
Fuji in Yoruba mean Occasion or ceremony.
There are also many linguistic features that are identical between Chinese, Japanese
and some African languages.
In all of them, the suffix and prefix forms are identical.

In the area of names, one finds names like, Kongo, Kong, Kwanza, Kwanju, Kwango,
Chango, Shango, Cheng-Cheng, Mingo, Mongo, Chu, Chu-Wong, Chinna, Yang, Yao,

Kong, Kwan, Chang, Shang, Cheng, Ming, Chu, Chu Wong, Chin, Yang, Yao, Cho (Korean),
Kung These names are Chinse and one is Korean.

Now how could that be?

As for Japanese names and Korean names, many are similar to names found from Sudan to Tanzania.

Most of the names of people in South India, as well as place names and names of certain items are also
found in places like Sudan and East Africa.
Haruna, Sambo, Pankan, Kwashi, Imoko, Chika, Azuka, Ezuka, Koma, Zoro, Watanabe, Nene, Osato,
Osaru, Okada, Edo, Baba, Emiko, Kano, Nana, Aya, Tami, Tai, Sada, Ikimi, Ume, you will more likely see
a Japanese link than a Nigerian link.

The writing system of Japanese hides the striking similarities between Japanese and African languages.
But on closer examination of the syllables that make up the Kanji character set, the syllables easily describe
the Nigerian Languages.

Japanese festivals and dressing are very African in color combination. Also Shinto is about shrines, ancestors,
mountain spirits, tree spirits, the so-called heathen religions that was used to justify the enslavement of Blacks.
Japanese were bleached out by invading Mongolians, that is why Southern Japanese people are darker-skinned
than their northern counterparts.

Chinese and Korean map to the Calabar languages of South-Southern Nigeria. One has to listen to and see the
physical stature someone from that part of Nigeria to have a feel of the similarities to Chinese and Koreans.
Unfortunately, because of the Eurocentric nature of post-colonial Nigerians, the Calabar people cannot understand
why Chinese and Koreans are their bleached-out descendants. Martial Arts is of African origin.
The website http://www.legendarytimes.com
uses legends to drill deep into prehistory because they are the only source of prehistory. However, scientific
means are used to interpret these legends. My own contribution to ancient astronautics is based on the interpretation
of the If a Oracle oral literature which uses symbolic language to describe the descent of Orunmila in a spacecraft. Simply
put the descent of Gods from the skies was by a means, so technologically advanced that missionary interpretations portray
it as magic. Technology is nature’s gift to man. The First World was not a Cave World