killing the BullS**t

This blog is for counteracting the ed yall cation that the state has been giving us. It un-arms us in the real world. There’s no true knowledge of anything in the schools today. 12 grade today doesn’t match 3rd grade in 1920, and that’s just the beginning. We come out of school with no skills. They took music, auto mechanics and anything to work with your hands out of the schools, and they gave us misseducation about ourselves, to keep us in the slave and poverty mindset we are in today. These are the same people who dropped off guns and drugs in our neighborhoods, and invested in the prison system.
Straight As in public schools translate to an F in college, and they give you the okie dok about a college education, and all you’ll get is a white-washed education if you do make it to college. It’s all by design, but these postings are meant to pull your coat tail, and let you know the real deal, and what they been hiding from black people.


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